Project Code: MW-01-070
Sponsor:Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.

The objective of this report was to identify composition, status, and management implications of forest soils in Millar Western’s Forest Management Agreement (FMA) area.

A literature review determined that soil compaction and surface erosion have the greatest impact on soil quality and site productivity. Data sources used to develop both the soil compaction hazard rating and erosion potential model included soil survey reports (soil series, parent material, soil orders, texture), digital elevation models (DEM), ecosite field guides, and climate data. The soil surveys reports, DEM data and climate data were pre-existing products, however the ecosite map of the FMA had to be developed using SiteLogix™. The resulting soil compaction hazard rating is based on ecosite, soil texture, and stoniness. The model for surface erosion potential used a modified version of the Universal Soil Loss equation (USLE). The soil erosion potential model is a function of rainfall intensity, soil erosivity and topography.

Formulas and maps for both soil compaction hazard and soil erosion potential were generated for the Millar Western FMA.