Project Code: MW-01-079
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Millar Western Forest

The primary purpose of this Project was to re-survey residual tree falldown [in the sixth growing season after harvest] and to relate cumulative falldown to patch size and stand characteristics in the Whitecourt Study Area [54′ 02” N latitude, 116′ 14” W longitude].

Specific Project objectives included maintaining signs and flags where necessary in the study area; determining the cumulative falldown rate for each patch size treatment six years post-harvest; and determining the correlation between cumulative falldown rate & hydrology, topography, soil type, distance to cutblock edge (or other residuals) and wind direction for each residual patch size six years post-harvest.

Data collection associated with this Project was collected in late July & August of 2003. Follow up data entry, data analyses, determination of findings and report writing was completed in the Fall and early Winter of 2003.

Project results are contained in a seventeen page report entitled "Cumulative Blowdown of Trees in Different Sized Residual Patches in Harvested Pine/Black Spruce Stands of Central Alberta, prepared by Steve Bradbury of the Alberta Research Council, and dated December 31, 2003.

Varying Patch Sizes
Stand Characteristics
Central Alberta – Whitecourt Area
Pine/Black Spruce Stands
Post-Harvest Residual Falldown
Millar Western Forest Products