Project Code: SUNFOR-01-068
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Sundre Forest Products (Sunpine)
Project Status:Completed


Object & Deliverables

This project was a continued cooperative breeding effort between Sundre Forest Products Ltd. (SFP) and Alberta Tree Improvement and Seed Centre (ATISC), with a primary objective of developing improved varieties of lodgepole pine for SFP’s Forest Management Agreement area.

The Region K1 seed orchard is at the Crop Diversification Centre South (CDCS) at Brooks, Alberta. It occupies an area of approximately 1.08 hectares and has a total capacity of 600 grafts. The majority of funds are utilized for cone collection/extraction and testing which represented 60% of the costs in 2011.

Final Report

The Region K1 tree improvement program established 595 grafts into a seed orchard with an orchard capacity of 600 (99.17% occupancy) representing 68 unique families. There were three additional grafts that did not survive due to grafting incompatibility, poorly developed root systems, and winter damage.


Maintenance activities at the seed orchard and the two progeny test sites were completed at part of this project. Maintenance activities included mowing, irrigation, fertilization, vegetation control, assessments, MPB monitoring and control, cone collection, and other maintenance activities as required.