Project Code: BRL-01-065
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Blue Ridge Lumber
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables

The Region C Controlled Parentage (tree improvement) program was designed to select and propagate Lodgepole Pine genetic families exhibiting superior growth traits. The Region C program is now at a stage where a new seed orchard can be developed using the best performing families as determined through the progeny trial measurements and associated analysis. The primary goal of this project was to collect genetic material (scions) from 63 trees within the Region C G128 progeny trials which are now nearly 40 years old. 850 scions (target minimum 15 per tree) were to be collected and delivered to a grafting facility as part of this project. Some of the selected individuals have clonal representation in clone banks located at the Blue Ridge Seed Orchard and the Alberta Tree Improvement and Seed Centre (ATISC).

This project represents year 2 of an anticipated 5-7 year annual program designed to generated enough grafted trees to establish the ~4500 position Region C phase 2 seed orchard.


Final Report

All collections were completed efficiently and safely, with  effective materials handling to ensure the identity and viability of the scions for grafting.

A final report was submitted by Shane Sadoway on April 21, 2020