Project Code: SEETA-01-006
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Seehta Forest Products
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables


Aerial establishment survey of 222.5 ha replanted cutblocks in CTLS140011 destroyed by wildfire SWF241-2002


1       Promote a sustained yield of timber

2     Maintain and enhance the forest resource by means of a controlled herbicide treatment to release conifer, which may otherwise be suppressed by competing deciduous tree species.

  • Improvement of the Forest Resource through maintaining a deciduous flow and protection of plantations from excessive competition.


The herbicide project was to manage vegetation not eliminate it. Seehta took a cautious approach to ensure that a portion of the deciduous resource was maintained.  To ensure that deciduous growing stock was not unduly affected by our operations, only portions of the harvested openings representing the higher population of conifer content were treated, thus maintaining an established deciduous component within the treatment areas.


Final Report


The final report was submitted by Murray Chomokovski, RPF , September 30, 2013

Detailed herbicide block information will be entered into ARIS by Seehta and the herbicide information will also be submitted to the Lesser Slave Forest Management Area on November 30th as part of Silviculture Submission.

Signed off Operations Records, and Invoices of the treatment area have been included in the final report. Copies of the final report will be submitted to FRIAA and copies will be available for viewing by the public at the Alberta Plywood office in Slave Lake, AB.