Project Code: TOLKHL-01-002
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Tolko Industries Ltd. High

As it’s primary purpose, this Project aimed to reforest previously regenerated & established coniferous cutblocks destroyed by wildfire during the 1998 season in the Talbot Lake area of northwestern Alberta.

Complementary objectives included planting of two cutblocks [15.2 hectares in size], application of a silviculture herbicide to retard deciduous competition over approx. 218 hectares, and to complete post-treatment suveys over the aforementioned area one year later.

In late July 2000 the remaining two burned-over cutblocks in CTL’s F2-L13 & L14 were planted [planting quality achieved was 95.2%], the application of an aerial herbicide over 200.3 hectares was completed in mid-August of 2000, and the post- treatment surveys for a total of 217.6 hectares was done in early August 2003.

Project results are summarized in a nine page report entitled "Reclamation of Cutblocks Destroyed by Wildfire F-2 Talbot Lake", prepared by Bruce Avery, and dated November 13, 2003.

Deciduous Competition
Wildfire Destruction
Reclamation Planting
Regenerated Coniferous Cutblocks
Aerial Herbicide Application
Post-treatment Surveys