Project Code: MW-01-067
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Millar Western Forest

This Projects’ primary purpose was to increase the growth of regenerating stands by reducing inter-tree competition in dense fire origin pine stands and regenerating cutblocks.

Specific objectives were to increase the survival vigor of post-treatment coniferous and deciduous species, reduce the potential for rapid wildfire spread, and explore opportunities to multi-task available planting contractors.

The identification of treatment areas, carrying out of pre-treatment surveys, and the actual stand tending took place throughout the field seasons of 1998 and 1999.

Project results are summarized in a five page report entitled "Pre-Commercial Stand Tending", prepared by David J. Flynn and Ron Sparrow, and dated July 11, 2003. Stand tending quality ranged from 95 to 99 %, and the overall per hectare costs amounted to $976.65/ha.

Mechanical Tending – Brushsaw
Cleaning & Tending
Conifer Release
Millar Western Forest Products
Density Management