Project Code: ALBPLY-01-006
Program: FRIP
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Alberta Plywood - a Division of West Fraser Mills Ltd.
Region:FMU S17
Project Status:Complete

Object & Deliverables

The primary purpose of this project was to re-inventory approximately 16,000 hectares of cutblocks in the Marten Hills Area that were harvested prior to 1991. The objective of the re-inventory was to increase the accuracy of the interpretation, determine the true species composition of the cutblocks, and confirm the regeneration status. The following steps were taken over the project period: identification of pre-1991 cutblocks using current AVI and historical records; acquisition of 1:10.000 scale aerial photography in a softcopy environment; photo interpretation of vegetation composition within pre-1991 cutblocks; installation and establishment of 1,885 temporary field plots for field verification; and stratification of the cutblocks to a final landbase classification.

Final Report

Final project results are contained in a four-page summary report entitled “Project Wrap-up Report Pre – 91 Cutblock Classification” prepared by Silvacom Ltd. dated April 2007. The summary shows that the AVI classified over 4,000 hectares of the project area as non-forested when in fact there was less than 400 hectares of non-forested area.