Project Code: FFI-16-009
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:fRI Research- Caribou dovision
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables

This collaborative project between fRI Research, the Aseniwuche Nation of Canada, West Fraser Mills Ltd., and Weyerhaeuser Co. Ltd., aimed to provide land-use managers with a means to evaluate planned forestry and energy sector operations in terms of their impacts and benefits to caribou by:

  1. Integrating spatial models of caribou habitat, movement, and predation risk into a user-friendly decision support tool for land-use managers to evaluate the potential impacts of planned activities on the availability of caribou habitat and movement paths into the future
  2. Identify silviculture systems that promote caribou habitat restoration by describing forest stand characteristics (eg. ecosite, stem density, etc.) of caribou foraging/ resting sites and examining caribou forage regeneration under varying silviculture treatments.




Final Report

The final report was prepared May 2018 by a team led by Barry Norbert, Dan Wismer, Tracy McKay, Karine Pigeon and Laura Trout.

Combining the results from years 1 and 2 of the project, the Caribou webtools provide a flexible user-friendly way for land-use planners to predict how caribou habitat will change under different management scenarios.