Project Code: WEYDV-02-078
Program: FRIP
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables

The project collected fish population and fish habitat data in priorized areas of the Eastern Slopes. It utilized the guiding principles of the Cooperative Fisheries Inventory Programs cordinated by Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) and Alberta Environmental Protection/Fisheries Management Division (NRS) in North Western Alberta. The specific objectives were to gather data on fish populations and acquatic habitats in prioritized areas of the Slave Lake FMA and input these data into a standardized database.

Final Report

Data collected included description of fish habitat types, fish species composition and population status. This information will be stored in a standardized (GIS compatible) database that will be presented in routinely updated map formats. Results included information on fish population and aquatic habitats in the Slave Lake District. These consisted of 94 inventory sites within the Weyerhaeuser’s Slave Lake FMA.These included collaboration with the Edson CFIP team working in Millar Western’s FMA, which allowed for 24 additional sites to be inventoried on the Inverness drainage. The two drainages that were sampled included the Inverness River, a sub-basin to the Swan River drainage, and an unnamed portion of the Willow River. All this information was entered into the provincial fisheries database, the Fisheries Management System (FMIS). This information, in the form of a map with sample site locations, as well as a binder containing summary information of all sites was supplied back to the timber company so it could be incorporated into their development and planning process. A digital GIS compatible database along with digital photos of sites was also provided. The final report was submitted by Leanne Osokin in March 2002. The report is entitled, “Co-operative Fisheries Inventory Program 2001 Summary Report for the Swan and Willow River Drainages”.