Project Code: MDFP-01-016
Program: FRIP
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Manning Diversified Forest

Object & Deliverables

The purpose of this Project was to study fish and other aquatic communities and their interaction with the surrounding forest, aiming to answer the question of why the fish are there, and if some aspect of the watershed is changed, what happens to the fish.

The objective of this Project was to fund the initial year of a three-year study where three research sub-Project were examined. The sub-Project were as follow:
* Streamside and riparian landscape forest structure; Relationships between landscape characteristics and fish communities; and
* Modeling cumulative effects of landscape disturbances on fish communities in the Kakwa.

Final Report

This Project was directed by the Northern Watershed Stakeholder Committee, which is represented by government, non- government organizations, forestry and oil and gas industries, U of A, and the Alberta Research Council. Other non-FRIP sources of funding were used for the following years of this study.

Fish Habitat
Northern Watershed Stakeholder Committee