Project Code: ALPAC-01-021
Program: FRIP
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
Region:NE Alberta
Project Status:Complete

Object & Deliverables

The Northern Watershed project was a collaborative research project involving nine industial, conservation, and government partners. The project had three primary objectives: develop and test the impact of different buffer width criteria and subsequent guidelines on the Notikewin Watershed; develop predictive models relating fish community structure with watershed attributes in the Notikewin basin; and determine the effects of watershed disturbances on fish community structure in the Kakwa and Simonette basins.

Final Report

This project was in support of a larger project, the results of which are presented in the following four reports:
1. Riparian Forest Management: Paradigms for Ecological Management and Practices in Alberta, prepared by Philip Lee & Cheryl Smyth dated 2003;
2. Stream Fish Management: Defining Relationships Between Landscape Characteristics and Fish Communities in the Notikewin River Basin, Alberta, prepared by Garry Scrimgeour et al. dated 2003;
3. Stream Fish Management: Cumulative Effects on Watershed Disturbances on Stream Fish Communities in the Kakwa and Simonette River Basins, Alberta, prepared by Garry Scrimgeour et al. dated 2003; and
4. Riparian Forest Management: Simulation on Four Riparian Guidelines on Seral Stage and Canopy Type Distributions on Forests in Northwestern Alberta, prepared by Philip Lee and Tim Barker dated 2004.