Project Code: SUNFOR-01-069
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Sundre Forest Products Ltd.
Project Status:Completed

Object and Deliverables

The project objective was to describe bull trout and other fish species distribution and abundance in the headwaters of the North Saskatchewan River watershed to address FSI data deficiencies. Focal areas for inventory in 2015 were identified in consultation with project partners and included the headwaters of the Baptiste River, Pineneedle Creek and surrounding streams, and Trout Creek.

Field visits to 87 sites randomly distributed throughout the three focal areas occurred over the period June through August. Stream temperature was monitored (every two hours) at four stations in the Trout focal area to assess thermal suitability for bull trout.

Final Report

The study provides land-use managers with the fish species distribution and abundance information necessary to balance the diverse values of the landbase upon which they operate and evaluate bull trout status in the North Saskatchewan River watershed.