Project Code: MPBP 21-02
Program: Mountain Pine Beetle Program
Sponsor:Hinton Wood Products
Project Status:Complete

MPBP-21-02 had a start date of February 1, 2021. Surveying commenced immediately with fall and burn control operations immediately after. Burning operations continued into the first two weeks of March and then switched to peeling and chipping operations that lasted until mid-June. The two contractors worked on separate project areas once all of the background approvals were gathered. Simply Liv Ltd. was able to control 4,320 trees at 545 sires after surveying 1,256 sites and identifying 6,403 trees. Spectrum Resource Group Inc. was able to control 6,097 trees at 311 sites, after surveying 622 sites and identifying 8,862 trees. The project came in at a final cost of $2,428,364 on a budget of $2,525,950, and ended due to MPB adult emergence in the latter part of June.