Project Code: CANFOR-01-005
Program: FRIP
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Canadian Forest Products

Object & Deliverables


The overall goal of this Project was to model the compaction of Alberta soils from skidder traffic following forest harvesting, the natural rate of soil decompaction, and the effects that soil compaction has on conifer performance.

Project objectives included modelling the changes in soil physical properties, the natural rate that compacted forest soils recover, and the effect of soil compaction on seedling growth.


Final Report

Project work associated with this Study commenced on March 14th, 1994 and was completed January 21st, 1998. A total of fourteen research sites representing a range of soil and climatic conditions were selected across west-central Alberta where summer logging is common.

Study results are contained in six draft manuscripts & a Progress Report; fourteen Site Summary Reports; and a List of Presentations, Abstracts & other Printed Papers.

A final report, (Modeling Soil Compaction, Decompaction and Tree Growth on Alberta Soils Following Forest Harvesting) dated March 17, 1998 was prepared.

Forest Soils
Soil Compaction/Decompaction
Tree Growth
Harvest Impacts – skidding