Project Code: HIWOOD-01-169
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Hinton Wood Products
Region:Millers Lake
Project Status:Completed

Object and Deliverables

To continue funding the operation of aeration equipment for the winter of 2015/16 through to the winter of 2019/20 at Millers Lake, a popular fishing spot.


Final Report

In partnership with Alberta Conservation Association and Trout Unlimited, Hinton Wood products paid for the electricity to run the aerators. In the winter of 2015/16 the ACA decided to shut down the aerators, and switch to a sub-surface diffuser system. The equipment used did not introduce the correct amount of oxygen into the lake, and no fish survived the winter of 2015/16.

Starting in the winter of 2016/17, surface aeration is once again in use, resulting in no winterkill. It must be noted that the ACA learned that their liability in the event of a death by someone falling into the open water is very high, and that necessitated their 2015/16 actions.