Project Code: OF-05-L001
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Smoky River Loggers Ltd.

The primary objective of this Project was to reduce the amount & extent of the vegetative competition impacting the coniferous regeneration.

Over the late Winter and early Spring of 2006, a total of 48.6 hectares in eight separate cutblocks or parts thereof were mechanically tended (brushed), significantly reducing the deciduous stocking densities. Direct costs expressed as a per unit of area amounted to $826.40 per hectare.

Project results are summarized in a brief three page report entitled "Final Technical Report for Smoky River Loggers Ltd. Mechanical Brushing: SRLL-01-01, prepared by Glen Larsen, and dated May 15, 2006.

Smoky River Loggers Ltd.
White Spruce
Mechanical – Brushsaw
Stand Tending
Conifer Release