Project Code: SPRAY-01-004
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Spray Lake Sawmills

Object & Deliverables


The long-term objective of the McLean Creek Ecosystem Management Project is to maintain naturally occurring ecosystems, communities and native species in the study area by integrating knowledge of ecological relationships, habitat supply and human ecology into the forest management inventory and harvest planning process. The work was framed within the larger context and resource management objectives of Kananaskis Country. Two interacting streams of activity were conducted as part of this program: 1) ecological assessment, and monitoring; and 2) public involvement.

Specific objective for the process were defined in the Terms of Reference and are:

  • To develop an ecologically sensitive timber harvest plan that takes into account the various resource values and uses in the area.
  • To develop objectives and operating guidelines that recognize the specific ecology of the area.
  • To provide a range of opportunities for stakeholder involvement.

Final Report


Numerous products yielded from this project, which can be found in the Final Report, including McLean Creek Timber Harvesting Plan – Terms of Reference (September 1996), Resource Management Policy (April 1997) and Harvest Design (January 1998).