Project Code: BRL-01-057
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Blue Ridge Lumber
Project Status:Coimpleted

Object & Deliverables


The principle objective of this project decrease the intra-specific competition allowing for the release of the remaining crop tree and gaining a predetermined density and composition structure within the block. A further objective was to improve the health of the stand by actively selecting trees with insect or disease damage. An additional component of this project was to provide local employment opportunities for all subcontracted work.

The first component of the project was an aerial visual assessment and field reconnaissance was completed in the spring of 2018 to solidify stands required for field operation. Over the summer and fall season of 2018 a local contractor completed the manual tending project with brushsaws to a target density of 1800 stems/ha and to Blue Ridge Lumbers strict specifications outlined in the contract.

Blue Ridge Lumber has been involved in pre-commercial thinning since 1985 and to date has thinned over 24,000 ha in their FMA, of that over 50% of the area has been funded through FRIP. At BRL, pre-commercial thinning is a very important silvicultural tool that is used to control the density and development of stands, which if left untreated could lead to stagnation. Over 30 years of PCT at Blue Ridge we have seen the attainment of improving the forest health on these stands.

Final Report


The final report was submitted December 31, 2018