Project Code: ALPAC-01-016
Program: FRIP
Area:Public Outreach and Education
Sponsor:Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
Project Status:Complete

Object & Deliverables

Increasing awareness of the forest industries’ contribution to innovation and science in Alberta was the principal objective of this project.

Supplemental objectives included recognizing forest industries’ efforts in the development of sustainable forest management practices and applying science in operational activities.

Production and “airing” of forty-eight one-half hour programs on CKUA Radio took place over the period October 2000 through January 2002. The programs were posted to the Innovation Alberta Omnimedia Project website. The forty-eight half-hour programs featured 38 interview guests speaking on a wide range of forestry topics including – development of ecosystem management approach to forestry; development of sustainable forest management; alternative uses for pulp mill sludge and fly ash from pulp mills; geomatics and thermal imaging to fight forest fires, impact of forest fragmentation on owls; mixedwood management biodiversity project; principles of integrated landscape management; northern watershed project; incorporating traditional knowledge in forest management; and many more.

Final Report

Twenty-one of the forty-eight programs directly related to forestry activities in the Province of Alberta and individual program synopses are contained in a fifteen-page report entitled “Innovation Alberta Educational Project”, prepared by Trish Ritthaler of Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. dated August 2003.