Project Code: MDFP-01-039
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Manning Diversified Forest Products
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables


A study aimed at improving planting performance of white spruce by determining the optimal white spruce pre-planting physiological conditions suitable to local site/climatic conditions.

The study was funded by contributions from numerous companies, including CANFOR, MDFP, Vanderwell, Tolko and Weyerhaeuser.

A province-wide, 5 year research project was conducted across five Alberta Locations, in order to study how pre-planting nursery hardening conditions impact 1+0 white spruce, summer planting performance (survival and growth).

The study was initiated to test if the previous findings in an earlier trial at Manning would apply to a wider geographical area across Alberta.

Major objectives include:

  • to improve the reforestation success of white spruce in Alberta by studying how pre-planting physiological conditions of white spruce seedlings may impact field performance under different locations/sites and climatic conditions across the major white spruce FMAs in Alberta
  • to enhance white spruce productivity in Alberta through improving early survival and growth of planted seedlings, which could ultimately facilitate the implementation of integrated resource management by relieving the management pressure on natural forests
  • to promote enhanced reforestation management practices in Alberta by investigating the theoretical basis  of how pre-planting physiological conditions of Alberta white spruce may impact their physiological responses and new root growth under stressful conditions that are considered to be the keys to successful reforestation practices.
  • to provide broadly based benefits to Albertans by: a) directly involving students and the public in the project; b) implementing the project across the province, and c) continuously making the project deliverables available for public perusal through workshop, publications, and other means.
  • potentially provide cost reductions by achieving more consistent reforestation success along with reduced nursery production cost.

Final Report

The final report was prepared December 2014 by Weixing Tan ,PhD, RPF  of Grande Prairie Regional College.