Project Code: NLFP-01-003
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Northland Forest Products

The primary purpose of this Project was the investigation of several manual vegetation management techniques aimed at the release White Spruce regeneration in cutblocks harvested circa 1980.

Objectives included the evaluation of various management techniques as to their efficacy in the control of aspen, alder and willow competition, i.e. manual tending, applications of Release, Vision, and Weedon herbicides either alone or in combination with the manual technique(s).

Two separate studies were set up in 1990 and 1992 respectively – one focused on aspen competition while the other attempted to assess the impact of the various treatments on alder & willow competition. Follow-up measurements were carried out in 1991,1993 and 1997.

The "to-date" results are contained in a fifteen page report entitled "White Spruce Response to Manual Release from Woody Competition" and dated July 31st, 2002.

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