Project Code: MDFP-01-008
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Manning Diversified Forest

The purpose of this Project was to determine the historical resources potential of Forest Management Unit P6 and to make recommendations regarding the need for further historical resource management actions.

The objective of this Project was to provide a basis for predictive information regarding the potential for historical resources within the study area using the following information:
-information from previous historical resource studies;
-existing palaeontological, historical and archaeological site inventories;
-known settlement patterns from ethnographic information; and
-existing environmental information.

The results of this study are compiled in the report "Historical Resources Overview Assessment 1998 Manning Diversified Forest Products Ltd Forest Management Unit P6 Manning, Alberta" completed by Altamira Consulting Ltd, August 1998. Areas of archaeological significance were also incorporated in MDFP’s GIS system and used for planning purposes at all levels.

historical resources