Project Code: CANFOR-01-033
Program: FRIP
Area:Wildlife/Species at Risk Research
Sponsor:Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Project Status:Complete

Object & Deliverables


The Foothills Model Forest Grizzly Bear Research project focuses on management issues and questions by assessing grizzly bear populations, bear response to human activities, and habitat conditions to provide land managers with tools to integrate grizzly bear “needs” into the land management decision making framework. Long term program objectives are to provide resource managers with the necessary knowledge and planning tools to ensure the long-term conservation of grizzly bears in the Alberta Yellowhead ecosystem. The study area is approximately 9,900 square kilometres and covers a portion of both mountainous and foothills habitats. A strong gradient in land-use activities and human disturbance exists across the study area. 11 different areas of study were included in this project and each are reported on separately. This project provides funds for years 1-3 of a 5 year project.

Final Report


Final results are reported in “Foothills Model Forest Grizzly Bear Research Program 1999-2003 Final Report” submitted by Gordon Stenhouse and Karen Graham, March 2005.