Project Code: BRL-01-023
Program: FRIP
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Blue Ridge Lumber (1981)

Object & Deliverables


This Study’s primary purpose was to examine the indirect effects of aerially applied glyphosate on moose and deer habitat use in the Lower Foothills Natural Sub-Region.

Its objectives included: documenting changes in available browse on cutblocks treated with glyphosate; and determining if winter habitat utilization patterns by moose and deer were altered.

Browse abundance and use, pellet group surveys and vegetation assessments were conducted one year prior, and two years after broadcast application of glyphosate herbicide.


Final Report

A 42-page report (plus Appendices) titled, “Glyphosate Vegetation Control and Effects on Ungulate Browse Abundance and Use in Lower Foothills Natural Subregion, Alberta” was prepared in September 1997.

Aerial Application
Density Management
Ungulate Browse Impact
Blue Ridge Lumber
Herbicide Treatment