Project Code: SPRUCE-01-001
Sponsor:Spruceland Millworks Inc.

The primary goal of this Project was to expand the current level of public understanding and acceptance of forest management activities through forest education introduced into the curriculum of local schools.

Objectives included enhancement of forestry education in local schools, linking existing school curriculum with provincial forest education resources, providing direction and assistance in the development of local forest education programming, and providing forest education referral & support for other educators working in the Pembina Hills Regional School Division.

The activities associated with this Project were carried out over the 1997/98 to 2001/02 School Years, inclusive utilizing the Fort Assiniboine Community School as a base.

Report(s) on outcomes and results achieved are contained in five Annual Reports dated December 31st, 1998; December 31st, 1999; June 28th, 2000; June 28th, 2001; and June 30th, 2002.

Elementary and Junior/Senior High Schools
Spruceland Millworks Inc.
Forest Resource Education
School Curriculums