Project Code: HIWOOD-01-196
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Hinton Wood Products
Project Status:Completed

Object and Deliverables

The objective of Phase 1 of the Boreal project is to solicit expert advice and recommendations on wetland attributes as it relates to road crossings using a suite of industrial experts, wetland experts and end users.


Final Report

The objective to achieve a recommendation for developing a protocol for evaluating wetland crossing performance and prioritizing repairs to crossing structures was met by  the formation of a Foothills Stream Crossing Partnership  (FSCP) and achieving the following:

  • Engaged Fuse Consulting, Circle T Consulting, FPInnovations, and Ducks Unlimited Canada to develop a suite of recommendations to inform a potential wetlands crossings monitoring protocol;
  • The report provides recommendations regarding what parameters could be measured in the field to assess the environmental and structural performance of wetland crossings;
  • The report also makes general recommendations for structuring a potential monitoring program, including factors such as frequency/timing of monitoring, personnel/training considerations, and reporting and data management; and
  • Completed were a literature review, six interviews with resource extraction companies and regulatory agencies, along with field tours of two forestry companies’ wetland crossings.