Project Code: FOOMOD-01-001
Program: FRIP
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Foothills Model Forest

Object & Deliverables

The overall goal of this Project and the Association was to forecast & monitor stand development and timber yields associated with enhanced management of Lodgepole Pine in the Lower & Upper Foothills and the Sub-alpine Sub-regions of Alberta.

Specific Project objectives included developing and managing the Foothills Growth and Yield Association; and the forecasting and monitoring of growth and yield in regenerated Lodgepole Pine stands.

The tenure of this Project was from April 1st, 2000 to March 31st, 2005. During that time the monies expended supported the development and management of the Association, as well as the oversight and quality control provided to the individual Lodgepole Pine Regeneration Trials. Additionally, the Association administered two more Projects, namely “Measurement and Maintenance of Historic Research Trials” and “Enhanced Management of Lodgepole Pine”.

Final Report

The final results of this six year Project are summarized in a thirty-four page document entitled “Foothills Growth and Yield Association – Final Report”, prepared by W.R. (Dick) Dempster, and dated December 2005.

This report contains summaries of Project Development; Field Research Installations and Data; Technical Documentation; and Meetings and Tours. The final report also includes a consolidated “Crop Performance Report” for the Lodgepole Pine Regeneration Trials.

Enhanced Management
Foothills Model Forest
Lodgepole Pine
Timber Yields
Forecasting & Monitoring
Stand Development