Project Code: MWI-01-028
Program: FRIP
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Millar Western Forest

Object & Deliverables


The primary purpose of this Project was the delivery of a fisheries resource inventory in specific priortized areas within the Northern East Slopes.

Project objectives included data collection of fish populations & aquatic habitat, data storage in a GIS compatible database, and information availibility to potential resource management users.

Over the life of this Project, 548 sites were sampled in thirty drainages, i.e. Bessie, Brown, Bruce, Chickadee, Chungo, Crooked, Dismal, Groat, Lambert, Moose, Oldman, Raven, Swartz, Stoney, Timeu, Two, Unnamed Creek (tributary to the Athabasca River) & Windfall Creeks; the Brazeau, Driftpile, East Prairie, Elk, Freeman, Goose, Inverness, Little Driftpile, Pembina, Sakwatamau & Swan Rivers; and the inflow/outflow to Fickle Lake.

Final Report

Results include fish and aquatic habitat inventory/database development, GIS Database of Inventory Sample Site data, Sample Drainage/Inventory Site Data Output Reports, and various public relations/communications activities.

Northern East Slopes
Fisheries Resource Inventory
Millar Western Forest Products
Aquatic Habitat
Fish Populations