Project Code: ANC-01-055
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:ANC Timber Ltd.

Object & Deliverables

Wetland and water features are critical components of the forest ecosystem that require extensive planning consideration when implementing land-use activities. ANC engaged Silvacom Ltd. to create two enhanced data layers, including:

  1. A Water layer identifying linear watercourse features to aid in strategic and operational plan development. This includes identification of watercourse features classified to correspond with company ground rule categories such as:
    • Large Permanent
    • Small permanent
    • Intermittent
    • Ephemeral
  2. Associate a wetland classification to ANC’s Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI) based on the Alberta Wetland Classification System to use for land management decision making. Classifications include:
    • Bog
    • Fen
    • Marsh
    • Shallow Open Water
    • Swamp


Final Report

The final report was presented February 27, 2020. Results indicated that using the Inventory will assist ANC in :

  • planning stream buffers
  • coordinating and establishing watercourse crossings
  • protecting aquatic habitats

It will allow ANC to better understand the landscape and operational requirements. It may also aid in identifying potential wildlife corridors and sensitive areas that should be avoided.