Project Code: ANC-01-025
Program: FRIP
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:ANC Timber Ltd.

Object & Deliverables

The primary goal of this project was to assist ANC in fulfilling its commitment to stakeholders to develop an ecosite map for the Little Smoky River Corridor, originally under project proposal ANC-01-07, in the Whitecourt Forest Management Agreement (FMA) area. An ecosite map with biophysical resource information for the Corridor was completed in 1997, and GDC was contracted again to expand the ecosite map for the entire FMA into an integrated ecological landscape.

GDC’s SiteLogix™ ecological modelling system was used to map the entire FMA area, which is based on three main sources of information: remotely sensed data (e.g., vegetation and soil inventories, digital elevation model), field data, and ecological knowledge. Statistical techniques were used to predict the distribution of ecosites across the landscape. SiteLogix™ also contains a suite of integrated modules for resource management applications. For example, the ecosite map is used as an input for the SoilLogix module, which evaluates the potential for soil compaction and erosion across the landscape.

There were three main steps involved in developing ecosite map for ANC. First step involved stratifying the area into broad- and site-specific ecological units; second step involved collecting ecological data; and third step involved the integration of plot area and GIS layers using SiteLogix™ system. Aerial photographs and site type maps were used to identify access locations and sampling sites.

The purpose of this Project was to increase the ability of ANC Timber Ltd to utilize ecologically based principles in making resource management decisions.

The objective of this Project was to develop an ecological inventory of ANC Timber Ltd’s FMA area. This inventory was produced using the SiteLogix (TM) modeling system to predict the distribution of ecological units (ecosites) across the landscape.

Final Report

The work to complete this Project was completed between March 1997 and June 1999. Project results are contained within an 118 page report “Summary report and ecosite map for the Alberta Newsprint Company’s FMA area” produced by Geographic Dynamic Corporation.

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