Project Code: WEYDV-02-011
Program: FRIP
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Weyerhaeuser Company Limited
Project Status:Complete

The project consisted of updating photography of a cutblock on a 1:15,000 scale, which was then subsequently used on FRIP Project WEYDV-02-03. The purpose of this was to update the existing AVI data by accurately locating and interpreting cutblock polygons that have been present since 1989 but were not included in the existing AVI. The updated information was provided by AEP to Weyerhaeuser for their use and digital copies can be provided by contacting Normal Volk. The final report entitled, “Final Report – WEYDV-02-11, Edson 1:15,000 cutblock update photography”, was submitted August 1998 by Norman Volk.