Project Code: ANC-01-002
Program: FRIP
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:ANC Timber Ltd.

Object and Deliverables

The purpose of this Project was to develop a remedial silviculture plan for “first pass” cutblocks in W1-29 on ANC Timber Ltd.’s FMA, which were harvested prior to 1991.

The objective was to ensure that the regeneration on these cutblocks meets the height and stocking standards required to permit a “second pass” harvest of adjacent mature timber.

Final Report

A systematic survey approach was used to assess the cutblocks after an initial aerial photo assessment was completed to rank the blocks by level of expected treatment. A technical report entitled “Development of an intensive silviculture plan part 1” authored by John Paul Macinnis of ANC Timber Ltd. was completed at the Project conclusion that outlined site specific silvicultural prescriptions with accompanying maps for each cutblock.

second pass
silvicultural prescription
silviculture plan
remedial treatment
ANC Timber Ltd.