Project Code: HANFP-01-001
Program: FRIP
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Hanson Forest Products Ltd.

Object & Deliverables


The purpose of this Project was to enhance the currently available Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI) data for the purpose of forest management planning by providing site specific information for planned blocks, to ultimately increase reforestation success.

The objective of this Project was to collect pre-harvest assessment data on blocks submitted for harvest under Hansen’s preliminary harvest plan. Information on forest stand attributes, site characteristics and stand characteristics were collected during the assessments.


Final Report

The fieldwork associated with this Project was completed between September 22 to October 15, 2000. The results of this Project were compiled in the report titled “Detailed Pre-Harvest Assessments for R02 Quota Sphere Sec. 4, 5, 6 of Twp. 44, Rge. 11, W5M” completed by X-4S Tree Rangers Inc. on December 10, 2000.

X-4S Tree Rangers Inc.
pre-harvest assessments
Hanson Forest Products Ltd.