Project Code: HANFP-01-002
Program: FRIP
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Hanson Forest Products Ltd.

Object & Deliverables:


The principal objective of this Project was the gathering of ecosite specific data within ground-truthed AVI labeled stands to determine strata standards, forest stand attributes & structure conditions, volumes, species composition, and ecosite characteristics.

Initial work on this Project was commenced in January of 2002 and the field work was completed over the summer and fall of that year.


Final Report

Project “deliverables” are presented in digitized format on a CD entitled “Digital Information for Detailed Forest Inventory Planning and Pre-Harvest Site & Stand Assessments for R02 Q7 CPA4” , and in a hard copy Binder having the same title.

AVI Polygons
Hanson Forest Products Ltd.
Ground Truthing
Ecosite Specific Data
Nordegg River Area
Pre-Harvest Site & Stand Assessments