Project Code: CANFOR-01-027
Program: FRIP
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Canadian Forest Products
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables


The overall goal of this Project was to assist in the mitigation of the negative effects of resource development on biodiversity with caribou as an umbrella species.

Specific objectives included determining – if caribou herds are declining and if so, why; if predation is a problem; what rotation ages and harvesting techniques will allow viable caribou populations in the long-term; and how the effects of resource development by several industries can be mitigated to ensure the viability of the caribou herd(s).

Final Report

Under the auspices of the West-Central Caribou Standing Committee, the University of Alberta and Canadian Forest Products – field level information gathering, data analyses, and report writing associated with this Project took place over the period April 1st, 1997 to March 31st, 2004.

Project results are summarized in annual reports for each of the Project years, newsletters, survey reports, scientific articles, and a M of Sc. Masters Thesis [all of which are itemized in the Annual Reports].

Negative Impacts
Resource Development
Woodland Caribou