Project Code: FFI-15-006
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:fRI Research
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables

The 25 year history of the work and contributions of the Foothills Research Institute was written with particular emphasis on the contribution of that work to improved stewardship and sustainability in the management of natural resources in Alberta by:

  • examining the policy environments that influenced and supported the program at the beginning, and as it moved forward;
  • describing the nature of the partnership that made the program successful and how the partnership has evolved over time;
  • describe the research programs of the Institute as they have grown and changed over time, and the factors that influenced that change;
  • examine the application of fRI tools and research as they have been, and are being applied to improve natural resource management in Alberta and beyond its borders;
  • provide information that will facilitate and encourage others to integrate fRI tools and research into their own management solutions; and
  • set all this forward in plain language that will promote understanding by non-technical readers as a means of promoting public understanding and support.



Final Report

The final report Learning From the Landscape: The fRI Research Story by Robert D. Bott and Robert Udell, was published in 2018.