Project Code: HIWOOD-01-192
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Hinton Wood Products
Project Status:Completed

Object and Deliverables

To widen some ski trails located in Hinton Wood Products’ Forest Management area FMA 8800025, to remove  coniferous tree cover that impacts trail skiing conditions. Merchantable timber will be salvaged and utilized and the aesthetic character of the trail system will not be impacted.

Final Report

Log Stream Ltd. was hired for the work. After conducting a Wildlife Sweep of the area, and obtaining the proper road use agreements, improvements were made to a 6.5 km section of ski trails at the Hornbeck Cross-Country Ski Area 14 km NW of Edson, in section 01-54-19-W5M. A representative from the Ski Club was also consulted.

Clearing and removal of conifer trees and saplings within 5 metres on either side of the trail centreline. Stumping and straightening two short sections of trail within HWP’s FMA8800025. Curtis Brinker, a Registered Professional Forester managed the project.