Project Code: BRL-01-038
Program: FRIP
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Blue Ridge Lumber (1981)
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables

The primary aim of this Project was an operational trial of a sprout-less herbicide applicator mounted on a brushsaw.

Objectives included assessing the effectiveness of the Sproutless Herbicide Applicator to control re-suckering, and ensure survival/growth of existing coniferous saplings so as to achieve free-to-grow status.


Final Report

During the summer of 2000, approximately 42 hectares of regenerated cutblocks in the Judy Creek area were treated with the brushsaw/sproutless applicator method. Subsequent follow-up measurements indicated the amount of re-suckering was considerably lower in the treated blocks as opposed to the blocks tended with brushsaw only.

Weeding & Thinning
Blue Ridge Lumber
Density Management
Conifer Release
Mechanical Tending
Herbicide Treatment – basal