Project Code: TOLKHL-01-020
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Tolko Industries Ltd. - High

The primary aim of this Project was to better understand the biology and behaviour of woodboring longhorned beetles as it relates to their impact on stacked logs in mill yards, and to use this knowledge to develop improved methods of controlling the beetles and reducing the damage and economic loss they cause.

Original Project objectives included – determining the source of beetle infestations in the millyard, determining the feeding requirements of adult beetles, assessing traps & attractants, identifying candidate products or materials to kill adult or larval woodborers, developing rearing and bioassay methods & testing the efficacy of control products under field and laboratory conditions, and recommending management methods to minimize grade losses due to woodboring beetles.

In early 2004, the Alberta Research Council [ARC] underwent a re-organization, key staff left the agency and the revamped Council [now incorporated] decided not to continue the Project. Results to date were summarized in an eleven page report entitled "Woodboring Beetle Management in Log Decks – 2003
Interim Report", prepared by Dr. Ken Fry of the Alberta Research Council, and dated circa March/April 2004.

In the Spring of 2005, this Project was continued through the auspices of a private consultant [a previous employee of ARC], and with revised objectives as follows – test the effectiveness of salt treatment in reducing damage by woodboring beetles to white spruce logs stacked on log decks; and carry out a mark-release-recapture study with Monochamus scutellatus in order to compare the effectiveness of two different trap designs, evaluate the effectiveness of mass trapping as a strategy for reducing population densities, and determine the extent of movement by adult beetles between different areas within the log deck and from stands of spruce trees outside the deck.

Results from the 2005 research are contained in a twenty-two page report entitled "Woodboring Beetle Management in Harvested Timber Inventories, prepared by Alec McClay of McClay Ecoscience, and dated November 2005.

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