Project Code: WOLF-01-006
Program: FRIP
Project Status:Complete
The instructor-led Northern Lakes College and WOLF training program provided extensive classroom and field instruction for seven students, emphasizing environmental stewardship of the land, air, water, wildlife and ecosystems of Alberta’s forests. The student completion record of the program is six out of seven registered students, with one student leaving the program during the on-site training segment. This is unfortunate as the student completed the classroom training with average marks, this student will not receive a program certificate. Although the goal for this program was to train twelve students, recruitment for the program proved to be more challenging than we anticipated. The timeline between the project approval and submission was tight, as a result, we were only able to recruit seven suitable candidates.
The classroom component of the program was completed on August 31, 2022. The students completed the on-site training on September 9, 2022. Sponsoring contractors were sent a Harvest Equipment Operator Field Assessment form to complete for their students/employees. To date, five out of seven assessment forms have been received. The Harvest Equipment Operator Field Assessment must be received before the certificate will be released to the student.
A program survey was sent to the participating contractors to complete. To date four out of seven completed evaluation forms have been received. There will be a de-briefing meeting scheduled with West Fraser, Northern Lakes College, Contractors and WOLF to review and critique the program. Recommendations to improve the recruitment, program content and delivery model will be made and followed through for future program delivery.
An evaluation of the program and the instructor was completed by the students. The feedback from the students that participated in the training was incredibly positive.
  • Final detailed report, student progress reports, classroom and field instruction to 7 students