Project Code: WEYDV-02-o84
Program: FRIP
Project Status:Completed

Object& Deliverables

The primary objective of the project was to determine the most efficient and user-friendly method for Weyerhaeuser to generate landscape views using currently available visualization technologies and software. Maltais Geomatics was hired to complete the project. They investigated and compared three visualization technology options. Each package was tested individually, and the three products were then compared for functionality, user-friendliness, and flexibility for rendering and displaying various harvesting scenarios. They concluded that World Construction Set (WCS) 5 used in conjunction with Ecomodeler 2 can enhance forestry operations by allowing users to build three-dimensional, fully rendered landscapes depicting harvesting design. Extensive training is required to enable WCS5 users to generate 3D landscape visualizations for the purpose of internal use and signficantly more training would be required for users wanting 3D visualizations for external use such as public presentations. It may be more efficient to use external resources for the purpose of providing 3D visualizations for external purposes. ArcView 3D Analyst used in conjunction with external scripts could provide an adequate product for forestry planners who need quick views of designed forestry blocks for planning processes.


Final Report

Developed recommendation for visual technology to create landscape views of forestry blocks for planning purposes.