Project Code: NLFP-01-016
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Northland Forest Products
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables

In 1997, Northland Forest Products Ltd. (NFPL) and Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) started cooperative work in the Breeding Region P1 jack pine and Breeding Region E1 white spruce tree improvement projects.  The main objective of these projects is to develop improved varieties of jack pine and white spruce with enhanced growth, timber quality and climatic and pest hardiness for reforestation within these regions.

The proposal for this 3 year work plan involved a continuation of projects begun earlier.

Breeding Region P1 – Jack Pine

The main objectives for jack pine tree improvement are: first, to reforest 33% of NFPL’s area harvested with genetically improved jack pine stock with higher yield potential and the improvement of form traits impacting lumber quality.  In the future, NFPL requires the option to expand seed requirements and move to advance breeding for genetic gain.  The jack pine project is being developed as a cooperative partnership between NFPL and ESRD.  The clonal seed orchard was established at Wandering River in 2000 with an estimated seed production of 1,683,000 at maturity.  The objective is to provide sufficient improved seed for 200,000 seedlings/year for NFPL (60% share of the seed orchard).  The remaining 40% share of the seed orchard is retained by the Alberta Tree Improvement and Seed Centre (ATISC) for future sales to the Oilsands Industry or other operators in the area.



Final Report

The final report was submitted May 9, 2018 .