Project Code: OF-13-008
Program: FRIP
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Blue Ridge Lumber Inc.
Project Status:Complete

The objectives of the project was to assist with funding a portion of an ongoing cooperative tree improvement program with activities in Alberta including progeny and provenance testing and tree seed orchard management. This is a continuation of work partially funded by a FRIP Funds Initiative Project approved in 2011 (OF-11-05). Eight companies were involved with this cooperative and funds were used to complete such activities as: cone collection; orchard management; orchard assessment; crown management; scion collection; planting of progeny trials; irrigation maintenance; and weed control. The final report is entitled “Tree Improvement in Alberta – Support for Forest Industry Coniferous Tree Improvement Programs Phase 2 – Final Report, August 15, 2016” submitted by Blue Ridge Lumber Inc..