Project Code: ANC-01-033
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:ANC Timber Ltd.
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables

The objective of the project was to provide Partial funding dollars in support of the Foothills research Institute (formerly Foothills Model Forest) Grizzly Bear Research Program.The project entails a number of aspects, from training to research.

This project conducted by the Foothills Research Institutes’ Grizzly Bear Program is divided into separate sections which provide detail on the various program elements within the research effort. These sections have been prepared by the principal investigators of these elements who have or will be publishing most results in scientific peer reviewed journals.

Final Report

The sections within the report include; a capture summary, an oil and gas update, environmental variables and denning, MPB and bear foods, habitat enhancement, rapid assessments of foods, alpine sweetvetch nutrition, landscapes to populations, energy expenditure, data handling through a new database, health and environment, and grizzly bear habitat mapping – projecting landscape change.

Over the years, several annual reports were submitted, each listing the accomplishments under this project heading.