Project Code: MW-01-035
Program: FRIP
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Millar Western Forest
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables

This comprehensive study had three primary objectives, namely exploring the timing of total non-structural carbohydrates (TNC) in Populus tremuloides, determining the effects of mechanical site preparation and root wounding, and assessing the degree of increased disease as a result of mechanical site preparation.

Field, laboratory, data entry/analyses, findings/conclusions, and report writing activities took place over the period of September 2001 to July 2003.

Final Report

Final study results are summarized in an eleven page report entitled “Sucker Regeneration of Aspen”; prepared by Simon M. Landhausser, Victor J. Lieffers, and Peter V. Blenis; and dated July 23, 2003.

Additionally as a result of this research two Master Thesis were completed, three manuscripts published in refereed journals, four manuscripts either submitted or in press, and three additional manuscripts in a stage of final preparation [circa July 2003].

TNC Movement and Storage
Mechanical Site Preparation Effects
Millar Western Forest Products
Populus tremuloides
Sucker Regeneration