Project Code: DMI-01-002
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Daishowa Marubeni

The purpose of this Project was to identify factors relating to aspen stand vigour and site that could be used to assess the regeneration capacity of the stand.

Specific Project objectives were to –
* determine how well measures of pre-harvest, biological, edaphic, and site factors relate to clone condition/vigour;
* determine the seasonal changes in root carbohydrates on aspen regeneration in healthy-mature and over-mature aspen clones;
* determine thee effect of skidder traffic and season of logging on the regeneration of healthy-mature and over-mature aspen clones; and
* evaluate the roll of soil moisture in affecting the natural regeneration by suckering.

Field and office activities associated with this Project took place over the period of Fall 1995 to the Summer of 1998.

Study results are contained in a 44 page report entitled "Stand Condition and Site Factors Affecting the Regeneration of Healthy-Mature and Over-Mature Aspen", prepared by Ken J. Greenway of the Alberta Research Council, and dated July 1998.

Healthy-Mature and Over-Mature Aspen
Stand Condition(s)
Aspen Regeneration