Project Code: TPT-01-001
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Tall Pine Timber

Object & Deliverables

Collect data on the following attributes (for cutblocks which Tall Pine holds no reforestation responsibility for): coniferous and deciduous stocking percentages, average tree density, height, diameter & age.

Under the new reforestation standards, where density, height and Free to Grow standards have been applied, two independent surveys are required on all cutover areas. The first within 4-8 years following harvesting of coniferous and mixwood cutblocks measuring stock amount (percent), density (stems/ha) and early growth height, as well as state the approximate locations of SR and NSR areas larger than 4 ha. The second within 8-14 following the harvest of coniferous and mixwood cutblocks which will measure the same variables as the establishment survey and in addition will show the locations of Free to Grow and Not Free to Grow areas. TPT decided to evaluate the status of cutover areas previously harvested by them to gather information on the reforestation success and or failures when the managed stand attributes were compared with the new legislated standards. Basically, what worked and what did not.

Final Report

The projected goal was to provide TPT with detailed information on the current status of the regenerated cutblocks previously harvested by their company.

Two surveys were carried out and findings included:

  • crop tree heights were generally short of minimum height standards required by the new establishment and performance surveys
  • at a block age of 14 years, just over 25% of the spruce met performance height standard
  • Planted White spruce seedlings began to put on substantial height increment after two years following planting- first 2 years energy reserves are extended to root development
  • white spruce minimum height standards are achievable after 15 years
  • White spruce grows well within Tall Pine Timber’s area