Project Code: ATLAS-01-011
Program: FRIP
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Atlas Lumber (Alberta) Ltd.

Object & Deliverables


The 2000 Cherry Hill Wildfire burned over residual merchantable timber stands in the Lynx Creek drainage – the primary objective of this Project was to reforest a number of fire salvage cutblocks to a “satisfactorily stocked” status.

Specifically, original proposal plans intended to reforest approximately 235 hectares of salvage logged area.

During the Spring of 2001, 276.3 hectares of the salvage blocks were scarified utilizing crawler tractors equipped with”Hensley Teeth” installed on the dozer blade(s). Sixty-five percent mineral soil exposure was achieved at an approximate cost of $334 per hectare. The scarified area was aerially seeded on the snow in early 2002.

An additional 10.2 hectares was planted to white spruce [stock type 412A Sw] in the Summer of 2002.

Final Report

Final Project results are summarized in a brief five page report entitled “Reforestation of Salvage Areas Within the Cherry Hill Fire – 2000”, prepared by John MacGarva, and dated May 14, 2004.

Fire Salvage Areas
Wildfire Reclamation
Scarification & Aerial Seeding