Project Code: NEALA-01-001
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Northeastern Alberta

The primary objective of this Project was to regenerate recently burned over conifer cutblocks to an acceptable standard as per the current Alberta Regeneration Survey Manual.

Supplemental objectives included the purchase/delivery of the seedlings and the planting of seven cutblocks to white spruce in 2002 and one cutblock to jackpine in 2003.

Planting of the white spruce blocks was accomplished in July of 2002. Lack of funds precluded proceeding with the jackpine plant in 2003.

In all seven cutblocks comprising 47.8 hectares was planted with 77, 355 white spruce [Stock Type – 415B] seedlings at an average 1,618 trees per hectare. Planting quality averaged 97.5 % over the seven blocks.

Final results are contained in a short summary report, entitled "Reforestation of Previously Regenerated Cutblocks", prepared by Roger Butson, and dated March 17, 2004.

Previously Regenerated Conifer Cutblocks
White Spruce